New Year, New Blog URL, New Site Design Coming Soon

Nearly three years have passed since I first posted this blog, and it is time for a facelift. In the next couple of weeks I’m going to be posting a new site design for

I decided I’d rather not have my website proper running on WordPress. WordPress is a great blogging platform, but isn’t my cup of tea when it comes to content management systems for a non-blog website. So my new site design will be based on the latest version of Joomla.

The first step in this process is to move this blog to a new URL. Update your bookmarks, and say hello to

New Site Launch: Griffin Chapel

Griffin Chapel ( is a small site for a wedding chapel in Brunswick, TN.

Built on the Joomla 1.5.15 platform, this site uses the following plugins:

The site also has a photo gallery built on Gallery 2.

The site’s content is still being written, so a couple of the pages are still blank. The site has been live for about a week, and the client has already had several calls, one just to say they loved the new site, and three more to book a wedding.

More photos will be coming in April from weddings that have already been booked.

Site Upgrade: Serenity Retreat League

Serenity Retreat League ( had a site built on Joomla 1.0.x, and was having trouble with the admin system. I recommended upgrading to the current version, Joomla 1.5.15.

The client was happy with the design they had, so I modified the existing template to be compatible with the new Joomla, moved the content from the previous site to the new install by hand, and upgraded the Contact Us page to use ChronoForm.

I’m Number One (in Google… again…)

Back in October, I noticed that a Google search on my name placed this site in the number one position on the first page of results. Then a few days later, this site had slid back to about number three.

I’m posting again to say that at least for now this site is back at number one on a search for wayne hastings

Here is a screen shot of my first page of results, with my sites in bold — sites that are not mine are ghosted back.

Quick Testimonials

Here are some quick comments I’ve received this week from some of my customers.

“It’s looking great — I had a [website visitor] call me today just to tell me she loved the new website.”

“[The clients] were very complimentary of your quick response to getting this web site updated. They also were all very pleased with how the #10 brochure turned out. Thanks for all you do.”

“I keep telling you… you ROCK!”


I’m Number One (in Google)!

It took a little while, chiseling away at my competition for Google search on my name, but my website is now the number one result for a search on Wayne Hastings.


I still regret never registering my name on the .com TLD — I just never imagined anyone else would have a name this lame and want to publish under it enough to register the domain.

Live and learn. If you haven’t registered your name on the .com TLD, time is running out quickly.

Busy Summer

July has been an incredibly busy month for me. I have a bunch of new sites in production, designed and waiting for production, and waiting for a new design not even ready for production yet.

I just posted two most recent site launches, one for a church in Memphis, TN, and one for a computer networking and support business owned by a friend who is also in Memphis.

On the fun side of living in Los Angeles, my roomate’s parents were in town last weekend and we all went to Universal Studios. Universal Studios is a lot of fun.