Busy Summer

July has been an incredibly busy month for me. I have a bunch of new sites in production, designed and waiting for production, and waiting for a new design not even ready for production yet.

I just posted two most recent site launches, one for a church in Memphis, TN, and one for a computer networking and support business owned by a friend who is also in Memphis.

On the fun side of living in Los Angeles, my roomate’s parents were in town last weekend and we all went to Universal Studios. Universal Studios is a lot of fun.

St. Jude Classic Banner Ad

Here is a quick little Flash banner ad I created this week for the St. Jude Classic golf tournament website.

A Day for Getting Things Done

Today was one of those days when you have to put your shoulder to the wheel and focus. We have a client at work who is going to be rolling out the next phase of their Joomla powered website with templates that have a unique look while keeping in the same look and feel as the main site. So today, I turned off my Twitter and IM programs and devoted my full attention to migrating/rearranging content and creating templates.

Occasionally you just have to unplug from the Internet firehose of information. Taking a breather makes returning to the stream just as refreshing.

BrooksBelhumeur.com now live

Over the weekend, I installed a new WordPress blog for Brooks Belhumeur. I took the Plain Box 2.0 theme together with a couple of plug-ins and viola, website.

Since Brooks is between a career in restaurant management and a new career in … something else … I put together a business card with the same look and feel.

The photo of Brooks is one I took back in the summer of 2006 in the back of the Memphis B.B. King’s Blues Club on Beale Street. You can see the original image here.

You can visit Brooks’ new site at www.brooksbelhumeur.com