Google Chrome on Mac OS: very nice

The Google love affair continues. The Google Chrome browser, in beta, is lightweight and robust. Over the last two days, I’ve made Chrome my default browser. In that time, I’ve had no problems at all. None. By comparison, Firefox feels sluggish in normal browsing, and Safari tends to choke on Google Docs. Even the dreaded Flash hasn’t caused me any problems. To experience this level of stability and performance in a preview / beta is just fantastic.

I think I have a new default browser!

For those that care, I’m running Mac OS X 10.5.8 on a 15″ MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 2 GB RAM.

I’m Number One (in Google)!

It took a little while, chiseling away at my competition for Google search on my name, but my website is now the number one result for a search on Wayne Hastings.


I still regret never registering my name on the .com TLD — I just never imagined anyone else would have a name this lame and want to publish under it enough to register the domain.

Live and learn. If you haven’t registered your name on the .com TLD, time is running out quickly.

Gmail Notifier hack for Mac OS X


I’ve been using Gmail Notifier for a couple weeks now, and it is growing on me. The default value for checking for new mail is something like 4 minutes, much too long when I’m in the middle of a busy day and have people counting on me to be on top of my e-mail.

You can change the interval using this little trick: hold down the Command (aka Apple or propeller) key and the Option key, then select Preferences… from the Gmail Notifier menu in the menu bar.

A new window will pop up. Enter the values shown:


Click Set, then close the window. 

Thanks to for showing the way.

Google Profiles: Another Profile, Another SEO Opportunity

googleprofile2Have you seen your Google Profile yet? Visit and get started, then!

Google Profiles might be a stealth attempt at building a social network in the shadow of FaceBook’s dominance. The profile isn’t as feature rich or complex as FaceBook … yet … but does offer an opportunity to post a photo, contact information, and links to other sites.

And regardless of where Google plans to take this function, they have already added Profiles to the Google search results, making Profiles an important element in your search engine optimization plan. 

You get to customize the URL, so claim yours early before your namesake beats you to it like he did with that .com domain you never got around to registering.

Check out my Google Profile here: