After watching a few videos on YouTube about how to build a green screen frame out of PVC tubing, I decided to make my own.

With all the Zoom conferences I’m doing, I want to take advantage of the virtual background feature. I experimented with white and black, but neither worked well for my space.

I measured my space and created a diagram so I knew exactly what to get at the hardware store. offers pre-cut 2′ and 5′ lengths. After I cut the 5′ lengths to 4′, I’ll have enough 1′ pieces that I can reconfigure the frame a few ways.

I ordered this green screen cloth off Amazon. Larger than necessary, but I couldn’t find EXACTLY what I needed. I’m hoping to sew a loop on the long edge. But can always use clamps instead.

If everything delivers when expected, I can start assembling on May 12.

Until then, I’ll be looking for the perfect background

Wish me luck!