Client wants to create an interactive flip book out of a static PDF created with InDesign CC. So easy! From InDesign CC, go to Export and set the format to SWF. Double-click the SWF, and … wah wah wah … no application is associated with the SWF. Because InDesign doesn’t create the EXE / application projector for you. You could open the SWF in a Flash plugin enabled web browser, but maybe, like me, you want to see it as a standlone without automatic scaling and other browser-related interface elements.

So. Annoying.

After some digging, I found what I needed hidden in Adobe’s Downloads page. Actually, on Adobe’s “Debug Downloads” page which says:

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 10.24.57 AM


Guess what, you’re a Flash developer.

Adobe Flash Player Support Center: Debug Downloads

Click on Download the Flash Player projector to get the standalone application.

I’m so tempted to tag this as a #hack which is kind of isn’t. (Hey, what the heck.)