Whew! 2010 was a very busy year.

After resigning my day job in November 2009 to go “freelance”, I was very nervous about little things like staying busy and paying rent. The recession was at it’s worst, and the salesman/CEO at my day job was having trouble making sales. No sales equals no work for me equals no salary. But an opportunity opened up for me in the self-employment arena, and I went for it. (Things couldn’t get much worse, so I didn’t feel like I had anything to lose, quite honestly.)

What a difference a year makes! I’ve had as much print and web work in 2010 as I could handle. Additionally, I did some travelling: I spent a week in October working a conference in Orlando, FL, and I spent a week in Memphis, TN, working on a major web project, meeting with some clients, and visiting some old friends, too.

So 2010 has been very good to me. I’ve produced a great deal of work for a wide variety of clients, both print and web, and really I couldn’t be much happier.

On a personal note, living in Los Angeles doesn’t feel as alien as it did in 2009. When I was in Memphis a few weeks ago, that visit did feel like coming home again — I’m not originally from Memphis, but lived there for 22 years. The weather in LA is fantastic most of the time. And working from home has been such a pleasant experience — I love the flexibility and control over my schedule versus working out of an office.

I’m very thankful for 2010. If 2011 is just like 2010, I’ll be ecstatic.