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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-20

  • Rush Limbaugh will leave the country if healthcare reform passes? I'm for THAT too! #
  • I bet Liz Cheney would want a lawyer to represent her father if and when he's arrested for crimes against America… #
  • A few reasons why I want an Apple iPad #
  • Digg unveils 2.0 public beta … does anyone care in this age of Facebook/Twitter? #
  • Christians should leave Glenn Beck, and report themselves to Beck as supporters of social justice #
  • Free "social CRM" integrates with Gmail through a browser plugin… very interesting… #
  • LOL forced obsolescence RT @arstechnica: Unsurprisingly, IE9 won't be supported on an obsolete OS – #
  • No-Flash versions of WSJ and NPR coming (for the iPad) — woo hoo! #
  • Amazon releases Kindle desktop app for Mac OS, finally! #
  • Two new client websites launch today #
  • Android 2.1 coming to Sprint HTC Hero in "coming weeks" #