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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-13

  • Converted an old, unused Compaq Presario into a media center PC — added an $80 video card with HDMI out and Boxee #
  • "…nothing ever has happened in American history without a protracted partisan battle…" (A. Huffington) #
  • I'm with @kevinctofel since I no longer have an iPhone — I think the iPad is going to be a fantastic media device #
  • Not sure why I'm addicted to grunge fonts — I almost never get to use them in my work #
  • Mellow Tuesday, producing websites and listening to my acoustic rock Pandora station #
  • RIP Corey Haim #
  • I have had one crazy week! More tickle fights, snorkeling, and groping than anyone should have to deal with… #
  • Got my Apple iPad reserved for pickup on April 3 — can't wait! #