Not sure how many other Mac users are going to have this problem, but it is worth blogging just in case.

A couple weeks ago, my laptop died. Once I got the replacement in, I used the Migration Assistant in Mac OS to restore my Time Machine backup.

Restoring from Time Machine should be done when formatting the computer, but in my case I am working remotely, didn’t have the Apple installer CD, and the laptop was up to date with the exception of my files, applications, etc. So Migration Assistant was my only real option without driving to the Apple Store and spending money I don’t need to spend.

Migration Assistant did a great job, but there are some oddities after migrating, since some aspects of your user environment are tied to your account name and the directory structure under /Users. And because I was essentially importing a previous admin account into a laptop that already had an admin account, I had to rename the account I was importing. This resulted in directory structure changes which Adobe Air and/or TweetDeck didn’t like.

After Migration Assistant completed, I logged out of the laptop’s new admin account and logged into my old laptop’s admin account, which is where all my files and other data are stored. The user environment looked fine, all my apps ran fine, etc. But TweetDeck balked. TweetDeck loaded but wouldn’t log into Twitter or display my settings.

Here is what finally fixed TweetDeck for me.

Go to this directory on all user accounts on your Mac OS computer:
/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AIR/

Delete this file:

Go to this directory on all user accounts on your Mac OS computer:
/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AIR/ELS/

Delete the folder named something like this:

Only after deleting these files on all user accounts did TweetDeck reset and let me log into Twitter. Happily enough, the settings for each of my TweetDeck columns was retained.

Hope this helps some other Mac OS / TweetDeck users. If this information helped you, please let me know.