Recently I had a burst of downloading and testing out some new iPhone applications. Here are a few I find useful and interesting. In no particular order:

This free Twitter client is all I need for using Twitter on my iPhone. Twitterific, I’m just not that into you anymore. Twinkle, you’re trying too hard. TwitterFon, you’re just right.

If you use SugarCRM at all, you need to download KinitoPro for free, now! This app isn’t perfect, but it is the only SugarCRM app out there since Sky Data was acquired by SAP. And for a limited time, the Pro version is free.

Bloomberg (iTunes link)
The built in Yahoo-powered Stock application is just a bit anemic. Bloomberg offers more stock information than I really need, but it makes me feel important just having it there on my screen.

Current weather conditions, forecasts, maps, videos, and live webcams in the area.

Fliq Notes
Simple note taking, with name, date and category sorting and search. If you are near other Fliq Notes users, you can “fliq” notes to each other.

Decent iPhone app for managing your WordPress blog.  Not as full featured as it could be, but I’m sure they’ll be updating it soon.

Inexpensive painting program. The artwork people have created using this app are just amazing.

Facebook (iTune link)
The hot social network du jour.