mobilemeEvery time Apple pushes out a new MacOS update, for some reason the MobileMe and International preferences icons keep reappearing. For the International preferences, you can go to Apple menu –> System Preferences… –> International –> Input Menu and uncheck “Show input menu in menu bar”. But MobileMe doesn’t have a checkbox anywhere that I can find.

Fortunately, managing the icons in the upper right menubar is pretty easy, with a non-intuitive keyboard / click-and-drag combo.

Hold down the Apple key — also called the Command key or the propeller — then click on the MobileMe icon in the menubar and drag it off the menubar. You should see the icon change to semi-transparent as you drag it off the menu bar, then disappear in the puff of smoke when you release the mouse button.

You can use this same Apple+drag trick to rearrange most of the other icons in the menubar.

Some people subscribe to MobileMe and love it, but that isn’t a service I am using, and there is no reason it should be on my screen all the time.

What are your favorite MacOS tricks?