I’m a sucker for lists. Everytime I encounter a new list of someone’s favorite WordPress plugins or themes, I bookmark them all. Just look at my WordPress bookmarks on Delicious.

So here is a list of the plugins I have installed and running on this site so far, after just two days live.

  1. All in One SEO Pack – Search engine goodness for WordPress. Just install and activate, or get in and muck with the details as much as you like.
  2. Automatic Timezone – Because the WordPress default install doesn’t know when to Spring Forward or Fall Back. This is actually a fairly trivial problem, but I did have one client complain that his server’s time was an hour off recently, which led me to locate this plugin.
  3. Bad Behavior – A free alternative to Akismet, this plugin hooks into the ProjectHoneypot.org blacklist.
  4. Contact Form 7 – Pain-free method for getting a simple contact form onto your site. I’ll probably be replacing this at some point with a more full-featured form solution.
  5. Delicious for WordPress – Pulls my recent Delicious.com bookmarks into the right hand sidebar. I felt my bookmark activity was at least as interesting as my Twitter activity, so it deserved equal visibility on my blog.
  6. Email Immunizer – One thing I liked about Joomla out of the box is how it automatically identifies e-mail addresses in content and makes them clickable links with Javascript masking to prevent spammers from harvesting e-mail addresses. This plugin does the same thing: turns e-mail addresses in posts into masked links.
  7. Google Sitemap Generator – More SEO goodness, also notifies the other major search engines that your sitemap.xml file is recently updated.
  8. NextGen Gallery – My first dip into image gallery plugins for WordPress, this looks pretty nice…
  9. NoFollow Case by Case – Allows you to selectively set links to follow or nofollow, so you can give your friends special SEO loving.
  10. Twitter Tools – Twitter has become the ubiquitous life/micro blogging platform, so you want to incorporate this into your regular blogging stream.
  11. WP Touch – This is a slick one: a iPhone/iTouch THEME masquerading as a plugin. Install this plugin, and your site becomes mobile phone friendly automatically.

Two plugins worth looking at:

  1. WP-Invoice – Great for freelancers, allows you to generate and send invoices by e-mail.
  2. WP e-Commerce – Turns your WordPress into a basic shopping cart!

There are a million WordPress plugins lists on the web, but maybe this will help someone out there identify something useful they hadn’t encountered yet.

What plugins do you find indispensible?