As part of getting this website and blog up and running again, I installed Twitter Tools, a plugin that lets my recent tweets appear in the right hand column, which is very cool and ubiquitous in the blogging world these days.

Twitter Tools also has a little function that will create a daily and/or weekly digest of your tweets which it posts automatically. This, too, is very cool. I had seen the results on other blogs and liked seeing the posts slipstreamed with other posts.

However, I don’t blog daily. And because I don’t blog daily, having a page of automated Twitter digests on my home isn’t very attractive. So I need to make a decision: begin blogging daily, or turn off the daily digest.

I may make a run at blogging daily. But until then, I’m going to turn off the daily tweet digest.

If you MUST see what I’m tweeting about, you can get the same information a couple of other places: