Just finished watching President Obama address the joint houses of Congress, and had a great time using TweetDeck to monitor a couple of hashtags.

TweetDeck makes it easy to use Twitter to filter out just the information you want to watch. In my case, I set up two panes to follow specific subjects: one for #nsotu and one for #obama

When people posted a tweet during the speech, they used one or both of those hashtags to associate their tweet with the topical subject. (#nsotu stands for “not state of the union”)

I was also pleasantly surprised to see people retweeting some of my posts. (Retweet is when you repost someone elses tweet — just preface the tweet with RT and the original poster’s name.) You can see this in action in the above screen capture on the Replies pane.


Using TweetDeck to track these subjects in almost realtime was almost like engaging in a world wide chat room. 

Two thumbs up, TweetDeck!