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Green screen project update.

Since Lowe’s let me down and failed to deliver the cross connector, I reconfigured using the parts I have and learned a couple of things. First, 8′ wide is HUGE and it is sagging in the middle. I need a new footer in the middle for support. Here is a diagram of what I have now. It works really well, other than a little sag in the middle.

So returning to my original design, I updated the diagram to add a second cross connector to build another footer. I need TWO cross connectors to finish.

But this was really easy to put together if a little unwieldy. The PVC cutter tool proves the axiom use the right tool for the job.

Green screen backdrop update

Two days ago, Lowes sent me an email notification that my order was ready to pick up.

I drove over today and accepted the items. I do inventory and I’m missing two things I thought I ordered: a PVC tubing cutter and the cross shape connector.

OK. I’m at Lowes. I go into the store and I can’t find a 3/4″ cross connector. Without the cross connector, I can’t build my frame as I designed it. I ask a sales person. They’re out. He checks local stores — they have a few (6) at the Skypark location. Ugh. I’ll deal with that later. I go home somewhat annoyed.

A couple of hours later, I get another email from Lowes saying my order is ready to pick up. Wut? Their systems must be lagging. But I open the email and … it’s the PVC tubing cutter by itself! No mention of the cross connector.

None of these emails indicate I’m getting a partial shipment. All email notifications use the same order number.

None list items remaining to deliver.

So confusing for normal people, being super literal just listing the items that arrive as they arrive.

So now I’m waiting another notification when the cross connector arrives. I guess? I don’t understand why pickup notifications don’t list the items for pickup AND a list of items that haven’t arrived yet.

But wait, it gets worse. I log into and it shows the items marked with status:

  • Ready to pickup
  • Picked up
  • Cancelled

Wait, what? Cancelled? Yep. They show everything that I thought I ordered, including the PVC cutter and the cross connecter. Except the cross connector is marked CANCELLED.

So this ended up being a Lowes fail after all. Just WTF.

Green screen cloth quick test

Quick test, the green screen cloth I ordered is going to work VERY nicely in Zoom for virtual backgrounds. Still waiting on Lowe’s to prepare my pickup order for PVC tubing and such.

I saw the rituals in The Book of Cagliostro.


Green screen backdrop project

Green screen backdrop project

After watching a few videos on YouTube about how to build a green screen frame out of PVC tubing, I decided to make my own.

With all the Zoom conferences I’m doing, I want to take advantage of the virtual background feature. I experimented with white and black, but neither worked well for my space.

I measured my space and created a diagram so I knew exactly what to get at the hardware store. offers pre-cut 2′ and 5′ lengths. After I cut the 5′ lengths to 4′, I’ll have enough 1′ pieces that I can reconfigure the frame a few ways.

I ordered this green screen cloth off Amazon. Larger than necessary, but I couldn’t find EXACTLY what I needed. I’m hoping to sew a loop on the long edge. But can always use clamps instead.

If everything delivers when expected, I can start assembling on May 12.

Until then, I’ll be looking for the perfect background

Wish me luck!

28,000 GoDaddy Hosting Accounts Compromised

28,000 GoDaddy Hosting Accounts Compromised

It is unclear which of GoDaddy’s hosting packages were affected by this breach. According to GoDaddy’s public statement:

“On April 23, 2020, we identified SSH usernames and passwords had been compromised by an unauthorized individual in our hosting environment. This affected approximately 28,000 customers. We immediately reset these usernames and passwords, removed an authorized SSH file from our platform, and have no indication the individual used our customers’ credentials or modified any customer hosting accounts. The individual did not have access to customers’ main GoDaddy accounts.”

The breach itself appears to have occurred on October 19, 2019.


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